TADBIR URUS AGIHAN DANA ZAKAT DI UITM CAWANGAN JOHOR: KAJIAN TERHADAP ISU DAN PENAMBAHBAIKAN PENGURUSAN AGIHAN (Governance of Zakat Fund’s Distribution in UiTM Johor Branch: A Study on Issues and Improvements in Distribution Management)

Siti Noor Ain Binti Aziza*, Emie Sylviana Binti Mohd Zahidb, Mahasin Binti Mearajc , Zuraidah Binti Sumeryd , Mohd Asyadi Bin Redzuane dan Juliana Binti Abdul Kadirf


In order to achieve zakat's objectives, more proactive and efficient distribution of zakat is desired as an effort that needs to be implemented, managed and improved continuously. As an institution which manages the zakat fund, Islamic Affairs Unit (UHEI) of UiTM Johor Branch, Segamat Campus is responsible in preserving UiTMCJ students’ welfare by providing a grant of zakat funds based on the eligibility of ‘Asnaf’’s qualifications. The zakat distributions made by UHEI is distributed twice a year consistent with the number of students’ enrolment sessions which usually starts off on March and September each year. The major dilemma of questions arises whether or not the duration of the zakat distribution process which is assumed to be needed in students’ education has met its objective. Hence, this study aims to i) explain the governance in the zakat’s distribution process at UiTM and ii) identify the issues that arise when administering the zakat fund to students. This qualitative study was conducted by using descriptive approach in which the reference was made exclusively to the Zakat’s manuals and reports as the primary data. Data were also collected through in-depth semi-structured interview. Based on the interviews and observations made, issues that occurred when administering zakat distribution to students were identified and followed by the proposed solutions to solve the problem.

Keywords: Distribution of Zakat Fund; Students; UiTM Johor Branch Segamat Campus.

Issue: Vol 1 No 1 (2020): April 2020

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